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We are committed to offering you the highest possible standards of service and we support the Financial Services Authority initiative ‘Treating Customers Fairly’.

We recognise that we will only succeed if we look after your best interests and treat you fairly in all aspects of our dealings with you.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is that we will:
Your Commitment

To help us give you the most appropriate advice, we will ask you to:
We are usually remunerated by commissions on sales of products, but we always advise you exactly what amount this will be, and we are also happy to work on a fee-paying basis or a combination of both if this suits you better.

Financial advice matters are usually complicated, vital decisions are sometimes irreversible, and bad decisions can be, and usually are, expensive.

Our role is to understand what you want and are trying to achieve with your mortgage purchase, explain the options available at the time and help you understand them so that you can reach the correct decision, thereafter we maintain regular contact to review your choice and ensure that it is the best one for you.

The FSA Principles of Business