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We can help you protect your home by offering the following insurance products, just call us for a no obligation quote; it only takes a few minutes with the latest technology. Even if we did/do not help you find your mortgage, or if you have existing insurance, let us provide you with a comparative quote.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance (ASU)

If you then wish to progress further we do not usually charge a fee.
(Under FSA rules we offer you the choice of whether you want to pay a fee, simply allow us to take the lenders commission, or a combination of the two.)

If you had to stop work due to illness or unemployment could you afford not to have an income?

The answer from most people would be a resounding "no". How on earth would you manage to pay your mortgage for a start? Unless you have considerable savings the loss of income could be devastating. Most of us tend to think the risk is worth taking, the "it wont happen to me" syndrome. We would rather spend our hard earned funds on things we can enjoy in the here and now.

However if you fall behind with your mortgage repayments and cannot catch up again, you could eventually lose your home. But you can take steps to protect yourself against this risk by taking out ASU Insurance (also known as Payment Protection Insurance).

This insurance will pay your monthly mortgage payments for a specified period if you suffered accident, sickness or unemployment. You can also add into the policy (at an additional cost) cover for any related mortgage insurance premiums; buildings/contents and life cover, so that these important monthly costs are taken care of should you fall ill or become unemployed. You can even (again, at additional cost) select to take out 'additional 25% cover to help you meet other monthly outgoings during your period of sickness or unemployment.

We only offer products from a single insurer – Paymentshield, for ASU. Paymentshield is underwritten by AVIVA for ASU insurance.

For more information please call us, or email us from our Contact Us page.

Our main income is in the form of commission from the lenders we place business with. In a few complex cases we do reserve the right to charge a small fee; we would advise you at the outset if this was the case in your circumstances.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you have a mortgage you will be required by your lender to take out buildings insurance. Protecting the contents of your home is not required by lendersm, but is a positive step to take.

We only offer products from a single insurer – Paymentshield, for Buildings and Contents Insurance Paymentshield is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance for B&C Insurance.

Life (and Critical Illness) Assurance

In the event of premature death, or critical illness you can protect the full value of your mortgage in order to protect your dependents after you have gone, or become terminally ill. This type of insurance (for which there is no investment value) will clear your outstanding mortgage. NB: It is important to read the Key Features document of any policy before taking it out, in order to ensure it is providing the cover you require). You can opt for life only cover, critical illness only cover, or life/earlier critical illness cover; to suit your pocket and your peace of mind.

For life assurance we obtain comparative quotes from several of the leading market companies in the UK:
AXA, Bright Grey, AVIVA, Friends Provident and Scottish Provident.